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Privacy Notice

Handling of personal information
Before using this site, we kindly ask all users to read and consent on our philosophy in how we collect and use our userfs personal information. We will assume that all users of this site have consented in how we handle personal information.
Collecting Personal Information and its Usage

Our company will never collect personal information without prior permission from our users. In case we require personal information, we will clarify the intended purpose and collect personal information within the appropriate range. In order for our users to use our site, we collect information such as the email address to differentiate individuals and create a database of personal information. This database is targeted to maximize users convenience and unless for legal purposes, personal information will not be disclosed to a third party without prior agreement by the user.

For a certain purposes, information collected may be subcontracted to a third party. We will only disclose necessary information within its range to such companies and for purposes other than what is contracted will be forbidden to be used.

Amending and Renewing Personal Information
In case of inaccuracy in our users personal information or if a user wishes to terminate our services, kindly contact us. After we confirm the identity of such user, we will promptly take rational measures in range.
hanging the handling of Personal Information
In case our company decides to change our handling method of personal information, we will publish the changes on this site. In this way, we believe that our users are constantly updated with what kind of information we are collecting and how we are using the information within our company.
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